"Pansy Bouquet"
12x10 Oil

"Yellow Tulips"
18x20 Oil

"Autumn Sparkle"
18x24 Oil

4x4 Flowers

If you need to decorate a small space or give a cute gift, I am offering these little 4x4 inch flower paintings in oil on wrap around canvas. Call me if you want a particular flower painted.

"Autumn In The Woods"
20x24 Oil

"Autumn Sparkle"
18x24 Oil

"Beaver Dam At Wild Basin"
9x12 Oil

"Beaver Dam"
10x12 Oil

"Mount Moran Reflections"
22x24 Oil

"A Walk In Colorado Paradise"  Tryptic - 12x9, 12x16, 12x9 respectively
I am using this small painting as a study for a large tryptic which will be double in size. These paintings are on gallery wrap canvas with edges 1.5 inches deep. Edges are painted a grey/blue. These paintings have been designed so each piece can be hung separately if desired.

"Peaceful River"
16x20 Oil

"Snowy Creek"
8x10 Oil

"After the rain"
11x14 Oil

"A place to rest"
18x24 Oil

"Autumn light"
16x12 Oil

"Sunflowers & Daises"
24x18 Oil

"Nestled in wild flowers"
8x10 Oil

"Pansies in copper pot"
16x20 Oil

"Festive Hollyhocks"
24x12 Oil

9x12 Oil

"Afternoon at Moraine Park"
12x24 Oil

"Red Rock Lake / Indian Peaks"
18x24 Oil

8x10 Oil

"Receding winter on Glacier Creek"
14x18 Oil